Thursday, November 03, 2011

Radio Station Of The Day: Club Glow

I like me some electronic and house music. When listening to it, I often imagine throngs of people rocking out in some European country. It was then, with a little bit of surprise, that I discovered there's a bit of a electronic music scene here in DC. I give you: Club Glow.

Throughout today I've been making my way through their various audio clips. Here, give it a listen.

I'm telling you, house is flow friendly music. Put it on, start coding, and the hours just fly by.

Also worth checking out is the staff picks from the folks who power the Club Glow blog. It's an easy to see the variety of stuff that's out there.

The oddest part about this music is that it's taking place just down the street from me. It's tempting to hit a Thursday night show. Think anyone would mind if I brought along a laptop to kick back and program to the music?

One last tip: You can drop the following URL into Google Listen to have all this audio slurped down into your Android phone:

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