Thursday, November 10, 2011

Music Source of the Day:

Looks like I'm going to get to continue my music related blog posting. Somehow I managed to trip over, and I'm quite impressed.

I managed to follow a link on the site to the tag tech house, clicked on the first song, and sat back while it continuously played "hot" songs from that category. As one song finishes, the next automatically starts up - it even takes me to the next page in the search results.

What I find most impressive is the quality and diversity of House music I've managed to listen to. No annoying commercials or other cruft to get in the way, just a seemingly endless supply of tunes.

For the songs that I found myself especially rock'n out to, I flagged as a favorite. Here, check them out. is more than just a place to find content, they also offer extensive publishing/hosting facilities. Alas, I don't really much (anything?) to publish there. Though, I've downloaded the Android app just in case I do find some sound worth capturing and sharing.

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