Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cape Town Adventure - Day 1

25 hours ago we left our door step, and in just a few minutes, I hope to hit the sack in Cape Town, South Africa.

All things equal, this has been an amazingly easy journey. Our flights with KLM were both above average. Sure, we had a few hiccups (they lost my vegetarian meal the first flight, Shira's video capability was broken the second flight), but all in all, we came out ahead. Through a bit of luck, for our 11 hour flight, we were seated in Economy Plus. Nowhere near as exciting as getting upgraded to business class, but still a victory when every inch of legroom counts. And KLM's entermainment options are top notch, with what seems like dozens of movies to pick from.

We also have a new favorite airport: Amsterdam's. Where else do you have a museum and library for me to poke around in, and a casino with table games for my wife to kill some time at?

One highlights of the flight (besides seeing Battle Los Angels - whoo, what a fun movie!), was getting a glimpse at some of the African desert. I snapped a few pictures of it, but they don't do the scenery justice. It didn't look like thee were signs of life for miles and miles.

As for Cape Town itself, we really havnen't seen anything yet. Everyone has been quite kind to us, and there's not the usual rushing that seems to happen when checking into a US hotel.

Tomorrow the real fun begins.

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