Monday, November 28, 2011

Cape Town Adventure - Day 6

One of the highly recommended activities when visiting Cape Town is that of touring wine country. We aren't really big wine people, so I wasn't exactly sure if we were going to indulge. Shira, in a stroke of brilliance, found a perfect solution: we toured a single winery: Zandwijk. What makes Zandwijk so unique is that it's the only fully Kosher winery in South Africa.

We had a wonderful tasting of wine and cheese, an excellent walk around the grounds (including a little chat with Frank, who's been tending the winery for 29 years!) and generally got a flavor of the whole wine tour thing.

From Zandwijk, we made our way to Franschhoek, an adorable little town in the heart of wine country. They had all the essentials there: excellent food, a cute museum, more gardens and most importantly, gelato.

I finally got to try some South African food (or so I was told), including some cold pickled fish in a curry sauce and Bobotie - a yummy lentil dish. Both were quite delish.

We finished up our evening with another critical sight seeing location: the nearby casino. As casinos go, it was remarkably in almost every way: they had an impressive number of reasonably priced restaurants, a large kid friendly arcade, a movie theater and even an ice skating rink. Unfortunately, they don't have craps, and the blackjack tables were on continuous auto-shufflers. Feh. So, it was impressive in every way *except* the gambling. Still, we actually walked out of there a few Rand ahead. Always a treat, regardless of the currency.

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