Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall In (and Around) Arlington

The last week or so has been a happy confluence of events: first, the weather has been fantastic. We've had a ton of crisp, perfect falls. Second of all, I'm absolutely loving my new Canon EOS T3i. Any reservations I had about a DSLR have melted away - this thing makes photography so much fun. Finally, Shira's bike riding skills have been building seemingly exponentially. We've done a couple of 10+ mile rides, and just yesterday, we rode into 8 miles into Old Town Alexandria.

All this means that I've been outdoors, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. I've snapped quite a number of photos, though none have seemed to capture quite how gorgeous fall can be in DC. Still, I keep trying. Here's the best of what I've taken so far.

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