Monday, February 04, 2008

Expelled The Movie - I've got that sinking feeling

I stumbled on Expelled, an upcoming movie staring Ben Stein about Intelligent Design. The topic of the movie is how evidence of Intelligent Design is being kept from the general population, as science, the media, the courts and others gang up against it. I still stand by the comments I've made about intelligent design - to my knowledge, it's a fine idea, and one you're welcome to study and believe it, it's just not science.

Watching the preview to Expelled, I'm pretty sure I now know how my conservative friends feel when a Michael Moore movie hits the screen. I have to tell you, it isn't a great feeling.

Watching the trailer on the website already got my blood pressure up. The main point that bothered was how Stein divided the world into two groups - those who believe that the world is a Godless one (e.g., believe in evolution) and those who believe it was created by God (e.g., believe in Intelligent Design). What about those who believe that evolution is a tool through which God acts, say, the same way the rest of nature is? Seems to me that choosing people to force between God and evolution is just a trap.

Still, I'd hope to have an open mind when I watch the film. The preview suggests that scientists are being wrongfully condemned for speaking their view - and that's just wrong. So, maybe, in the end, Ben and I won't be so far off.

Just to be safe, we better have Michael Moore make another movie, in a hurry.


  1. Anonymous11:18 PM

    "Ben and I won't be so far off."

    If you actually believe what you see, maybe so. If you suspect that there might be another side to each of these stories, maybe not.

    If Hitler used evolution (and the Christian Church) to justify his evil actions, what dose that say about Hitler and what does that say (if anything) about the science supporting evolution?

  2. Hmmm, I'm not following.

    What do you think it says?

  3. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Ben wanted the movie to be "Darwin leads to Hitler". And in an interview, he said "science leads to killing people".

    I say Ben is pretty crazy.

    I think the scientific theory of evolution does not contain "moral values". If a Hitler does something evil, it's not fair to blame it on either the Theory of Evolution or Martin Luther's antisemitism.

  4. onein6billion -

    I have to agree.

    It's pretty remarkable to see folks blame science for Hitler - yet ignore horrors like the Inquisition, or even the 9/11 terrorists - acts done by the faithful in the name of religion.