Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Websites For A Rain Day

Here's a list of sites I keep meaning to check out when I get a bit of free time:

  • Broadtexter - C'mon, you know you want you own mobile fan club. This site will power it. Actually, thinking about it, it's pretty much Twitter a bit more focus. But I just love the fan club idea.
  • Mowser - Browse the web on your phone. All pretty like. What attracted me about this site is who built it - Russell Beattie. Russell was the first blogger I followed, and a fair number of the good parts of this blog can be traced back to his advice. The site also has some suggestions for making your site mobile friendly in a hurry. That alone is probably worth investing the site for.
  • The best newspaper in the universe - yours. Found this one while browsing Russell's blog and it caught my eye. It's model of can't read it now, click a button and read it on your mobile really sounds good to me. This one is ideal for those trips to the mall.
  • Synergy - OK, this one isn't a website. It's a piece of software. It allows you to link up two computers and use one mouse and keyboard between them. All via software. This is great, for say, when you are switching between an old and new laptop.
  • - Anonymous web browsing. This one is a bit sketchy, but looks like it might be a handy utility site. Maybe?
  • Freelance Switch - Advice for those interested in switching to freelance work. My recommendation: read it all you can while you have a day job, once you switch, hopefully, you'll be too busy to read it.
  • Flat Stanley - This is a low tech, but fun project for kids. Print out Stanley, and mail him around to folks. He's then supposed to be sent back with photos and souvenirs of his travels. The site is down Check out the site, but and wikipedia can explain more. Via OLPC News.
  • and - Super Tuesday has come and gone, but Virginia has yet to vote. These sites look like good ones to gather intell for making an informed decision.

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  1. Just a quick comment on Synergy... it kicks ass!!!!! I've been using it since I started working from home to share my keyboard/mouse between my linux box (which they are attached to) and my Mac laptop....

    other than that, I like that BroadTexter... Lauren's MBA group has been having weekly Happy Hours on Fridays, this could be an easy way to communicate and let other know in a pinch of changes.