Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Review: Meatball Sundae

Meatball Sundae, by Seth Godin, is an important book for anyone in business to read. Its goal is to catch you up on the latest trends that are revolutionizing how people do business (and it's not limited to .com's either). Luckily, along with being important to read, it's fun to read.

It's a typical Seth Godin book, in that it's concise, easy to read, full of fun stories and has a can do subtext to it.

I know that Shira's glad I'm done with the book, as every few pages I'd holler out to her - hey honey, listen to this one.... She's essentially read the book, without ever having to pick it up.

I'm giving the book a 8/10 - not because it's not perfect, but because Seth has set the bar so very high. So, this book is good, but not quite as eye-opening and life changing, as say, The Dip. But still, it's good and meets its primary goal: educate the non-web savvy among us.

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