Sunday, February 17, 2008

They Do This To Mess With Me

Changed the wipers blades on the cars today - and of course, had extra parts. They do this on purpose, just to mess with me. [1]

AutoZone was kind enough to print a handy receipt for Shira that told her exactly which size blades she needed for each of our cars. I'll mention them here to record them for next time, when such critical info may not be so accessible:

Acura TL: Driver side: 26", passenger side: 19"

Acura TSX: Driver side: 26", passenger side: 16"

Don't tell Shira changing the blades was trivial, I'd like her to think I did some serious car hacking this morning.

[1] - Yes, of course the part is useful - but go with me on this for a sec.


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