Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hell Not Frozen Over, But Gettting Mighty Chilly

This one's for you Helmy...

Did you ever think you'd see this splash screen on my desktop? Yep, biting the bullet, and using Eclipse for an upcoming project.

Don't worry I'm still using Emacs in a major way, but for the hard core Java development, I'm giving Eclipse a try.

See, there's hope for all of us...


  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    fear not, eclipse has great emacs keybindings!

  2. Thanks - that's a good lead, and some appreciated encouragement :-).

  3. Welcome to the 21st century.

  4. A joint comment for your previous post and this one.... Eclipse is great, a definite need for todays developer. It is an all in one shop for most languages and technologies. Plugins make it all happen, that said, it is never a matter of installing all the needed applications, it is the missing Extensions/Plugins/Add-ons that drive me nuts. One thing I started doing with my account and my bookmarks is to build simple list of must have apps and addons. That way all I have to do everytime I setup a new machine (or re-format and install my current) is go to one place and download all the needs. I've got a list of like 10 extensions for Firefox, another 10 plugins/features for Eclipse, some for Thunderbird, a number for my media players, and there there are system/OS dependent ones (Mac/Linux no windows if I can help it, but Wine...)... Back to Eclipse... take the time to go through, you'll find many great additions and tools to solve most needs to the point Eclipse will become a definite standard on your machine.

  5. Thanks for the site ref Nick.

    I've already started studying up on the key combinations, as I'm frustrated with using the mouse. But I'm sure I'll get there.

    And who knows, maybe I'll even stay there ;-).

  6. I recently downloaded a new version of Eclipse for a new project. (I'm actually currently stuck in the world of .NET and C# and the exit doors are NOT clearly marked.) So the Eclipse is for another project. I loaded it up and saw the splash screen...immediately thought I accidentally downloaded some odd international version thanks to the "Europa" designation. When I realized what was going on I felt really silly.