Monday, February 11, 2008

Barack Obama - I'm Still Impressed

I've been a fan of Barack for some time now, and with the Virginia primary coming up, I figured I better make sure he's still the one that's earned my vote.

While my mind isn't fully made up yet - he's still impressing me. Check out these YouTube videos that I found while researching yesterday. I'm impressed not only by his oratory skills, but also by the specifics he's willing to go on record with. So often politicians can expertly answer a question without saying anything at all.

Claims like having full health care coverage for all Americans in 4 years are tough to make, and then deny. Or how about the video where he's telling a bunch of folks in Detroit that he's going to be especially tough on them when it comes to energy policy, and that their lobbyists have worked hard to avoid change. Those seem like gutsy statements to make.

Check them out and tell me what I'm missing. Better yet, share some links to some Clinton, McCain and Huckabee vidoes I should be watching too.

Barack on Isreal

Short and to the point - Barack, how do you feel about Isreal?

Barack on Iran

More on Isreal, Iran and the Middle East.

Barack on Oil

Here's Barack breaking the bad news to the Detroit Economics club - you guys are going to have to change, and you're to blame for part of this mess.

Barack On The War

Barack let's us know how he really feels about the war. Again, I think he's being quite blunt in an environment that is strictly on the record.

Barack Convincing Virginia To Vote For Him

This is a fairly lengthy speech Barack gave recently to bolster support in Virginia. Again, I find him going into specifics here that sound good to me - universal health care within 4 years, I'd like to that. He's either brilliant, or crazy.

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