Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lessons From The Dentist

Just got a crown and a filling done, the result of my latest regular
checkup. I had quite some time in the chair, and couldn't thinking
about some of the lessons learned:

- The problem with dental procedures isn't the pain. The discomfort
never got above a 2/10. The problem is the fear of pain. Or more
generally, the fear of the unknown. Manage this, and I'm golden.

- The dentist delegates like a madman. As soon as he's done his little
bit, he hands off the work to someone else and goes and helps another
patient. He must have been doing 3 of us at once.

- The dentist sets a fast pace. I don't know if he really is working
faster, but he gives the impression he is. Usually, you want doctors to
take their time with you. That is, unless they're drilling holes in
your teeth. Speed here is a very good thing.

- Novicaine in a remarkable invention. Simply amazing.

I survived, and have to head back in a week to finish the job.


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