Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Reason To Vote For Barack

Here's another reason to vote for Barack: in Arlington, VA, he appears to be the only one talking. In the last few weeks, we've heard 3+ radio commercials, gotten 3 phone calls and had 2 people stop by our house and leave flyers -- all for Barack's campaign. We've heard exactly 1 Clinton radio commercial and absolutely nothing from McCain and Huckabee.

I mean, we aren't on any Republican mailing lists, but still, I'd expect to at least hear a commercial or two for the them.

Is Clinton pulling a Giuliani, and ignoring Northern VA? I don't get it.

What's supposed to happen is that Hillary is supposed to run these terrific ads that get me scurrying off to YouTube to search for her. But instead, I just hear Barack. I can't imagine how anyone undecided in this area would go for Hillary. But, maybe she'll surprise me.


  1. So what your saying is that money matters. Hillary hasn't raised the same amount of money as barack, so she can't necessarily afford the commercials. DIdn't you once do a report on sound bites and there usefulness? Unfortunatly, I think you just hit one of our political problems right on its head. Unless your making $25 mil a month during the campaign you can't be president, and that seems wrong. We should go to public financing, so theres an even playing field, and all that money (the hundreds of millions of dollars) should go to something that matters, like the healthcare all the candidates preach about.

    Anyway, if you've already voted today, good, if not, just remember that i love you know matter who you vote for, unless you vote against my person, in which case, your out of the family. :-)
    (if only i knew who my person was)

  2. Are you sure it's all about money?

    The door to door flyer folks - are that linked to money? (They probably are). And what about YouTube, bloggers and e-mail in general?

    It just seems like there should be creative, and cheap ways to get her name out.

    But I may be thinking way too optimistically.