Friday, February 29, 2008

Grandpa Shocks and Amazes

Yesterday, I got a scary text message from my brother - grandpa has chest pain, heading to hospital. Within an hour, my otherwise (relatively speaking, for an 88 year old) healthy grandpa was in ICU, sedated and on a ventilator. What happened, nobody quite knew.

Well, the good news is, he's back! Today, he's off the vent (or as my E.R. doc brother wants us to call it, the "blower"), talking and in good spirits. In theory, tomorrow or the next day, he'll go home from the hospital.

I can only hope that I inherited just a little bit of his incredible set of genes.

Still, the Dr.'s aren't quite sure what's next or what caused the incident in the first place - but I can tell you one thing, we're all feeling might lucky and amazed that we got him back.

Life, ladies and gentlemen, is fragile - cherish every single moment of it.

For those interested in saying a misheberach over him, his hebrew name is Yitzchak ben Rachel.

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