Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tip: Ask if the camera is on first, not last

Here's a novel suggestion: ask if the camera is on before yous start harassing kids, not at the end.

One a more serious note - this video does raise an interesting question. What would I do If I were the head of PR at the Baltimore, PD, and saw this video? I'd start video taping all officer encounters with suspects and post them on YouTube. I'd flood the site with video. Just hire some high school intern to edit and post the video.

I'd make it perfectly clear what this was - one cop, having a bad day (or maybe one cop who shouldn't be a cop). As a bonus, people would see that 99% of the time, the officers on the force are doing great work under the most difficult of situations.

Someone at the Baltimore Police Department needs to pick up a copy of Meatball Sundae and study it. They need to realize that they are a business, and how they do business (such as leveraging YouTube) should be changing, just like every other organization needs to learn this lesson.

Thanks to Gavin Purcell for the find.

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