Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Beautiful Sight

We had dinner with Shira's cousin Andrea and her husband Ryan. Andrea
is 8 months pregnant and looking great. And while the miracle of life
is cool and all, the real highlight was checking out Ryan's TV setup!

OK, I'm 60% joking here - this was a sweet setup. Think gigantic TV,
rigged to computer, wireless mouse and keyboard, web cam for sending the
fam live baby footage. He's even experimenting with a 3d glasses setup.

I'm so hiring him as a consultant, if ever want to pull off one of these

As parents to be, they looked so calm, cool and collected. We're so
excited for them!



  1. The Eee Box is a nice option if you want to surf on your tv.

    Add a wireless keyboard/mouse and for ~$400 you're on your way. Another $50 if you want an external cd/dvd drive.

    The holidays are just around the corner...

  2. I like the Dell Studio Hybrid, plus it comes with HDMI be default

    I was initially looking at the EeeBox, but I prefer the idea of HDMI vs the dvi.

    The Hybrid is a bit more expensive than the EeeBox, it starts at $499, but for tv purposes the base model does everything you need.

  3. I hadn't heard about the Dell, but it is nice and the HDMI connection is a bonus. The only drawbacks for me are having to pay another $70 for wireless and it coming with Vista pre-installed; I still prefer XP.

  4. yeah, $70 for wireless is a bit of a drawback... but it has plenty of USB ports, so you could get a 'cheaper' one... plus for streaming video, I almost wonder if I'd rather run a cable anyways...

    As for Vista, I can't comment... I'm one of those anything but Windows people with no real Vista experience... and I've heard mixed reviews, some love it, others can't stand it... for me if the browser works (ugh IE) I'm pretty much happy... besides this computer would be only for the TV. That said I just wish NetFlix was more like the rest of the world and didn't use SilverLight. My other favorite viedo sites thankfully use flash(Hulu and Snagfilms)

  5. Guys -

    Thanks for the tips!