Monday, September 15, 2008

Funny Because It's True: Debugging and The Five Stages of Grief

I'd never heard it quite put this way before, but I think Kevin nailed it with his article: Debugging and the 5 Stages Of Grief. It's just so true.

I especially liked his introductory comment:

What separates good programmers from bad programmers is not only their ability to avoid bugs, but also their ability to deal with them when they arise.

This is exactly what I was trying to get at when I wrote up my comments about learning to draw. The difference between someone who's good at what they do, and great at what they do, is how they respond to errors. Programmers included.

So now I have a new goal when I find a bug in my software: get to acceptance as soon as possible. This is tricky, because anger is just so much fun.

And no discussion of the 5 stages of grief are complete without the best representation of it on TV. Ever.


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