Friday, September 26, 2008

This lunch is dedicated to...

My Dad.

My Dad and I are pretty similar. I'm told we look alike. I know we have
the same sense of humor, respect for the power of books and generally
blow our noses with the same fog horn like sound (to which I really have
to thank my grandpa for that trait - thanks gramps!).

But one area we strongly differ on is our ability to consume silken
tofu. He's cringing right now, as he read that last sentence.

He still can't believe I can order Ma-po Tofu at a restaraunt. I can and
I did. That was lunch today.

It even came in a sort of tortilla shell. Think tostada meets Chinese
food. And you know what? It tasted great.

I guess it's good I have *some* differences with my dad.


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