Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting In The Mood For Rosh Hashanah - Something light, Something heavy

In a couple hours, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New year, will be upon us. Here's a couple items to get you in the mood, or if you're not observing the holiday, to learn more:

  • Something light: This is a collection of fun stories that are definitely worth a read.
  • Something heavy: OK, this isn't that heavy, but still. Rosh Hashanah starts the 10 day stretch when Jews are supposed to take a step back, examine their behavior, and improve themselves (well, technically, they are supposed to do this all year long - but this is the focus for the next 10 days). Here's an intereesting article on how to go about changing your life. This is a useful article for anyone who has an interest in dropping a bad habit, or picking up a new good habit.

A great resource to check out, if you're interested in learning more about the holiday, is Ohr Somyach's - Ask the Rabbi. It's entertaining, interesting, and educational stuff.

Happy New Year to everyone - L'shanah tovah umetukah - May you havae a good and sweet year!


  1. Happy New Year everyone! Ben, this has been an incredible year for your business, and I wish you and your wife the best in its continued success.

    Also, I can't wait for this coming year. Last year was too full of loss and sadness in our family, but this year we have 3 weddings, a new cousin on the way, and the Cubs looking like an actual professional baseball team. This year has such great potential for us all and I'm psyched for it.

    Love you all,


  2. David -

    So wonderfully put!