Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Family Heritage (and maybe yours?)

Dave informs me, and I believe him: this is our family heritage.

It's yours too, if you happen to be a die hard cubs fan.


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  2. As a White Sox fan, I'll admit to not 'getting' the whole Cubs phenomenon. I can't identify with the optimism, etc.

    But what really baffles me is why Ronnie Woo Woo Wickers is known outside of Wrigleyville. Just....ew.

  3. Grandpa Arnie used to call me every year after the very first pitch of the opening season game of the cubs and say, "well dave, there's always next season." Every year. And every year I'd say, "I know Grandpa, and we'll be watching."

    I don't know much about what happens after we leave this earth, but I do believe that my grandpa watched the Cubs opening game this season and he'll be watching every one after that, just waiting for "that season".

    People always ask how a kid from Rochester can be a Cubs fans. I just say, "My grandpa raised me that way."

    GO CUBS!!!