Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Flour Power Desserts - A Yummy Friendship

My Dad made it clear to us growing up - you don't need to marry a doctor, lawyer or beauty queen. Nope, he wasn't that superficial. Nope, you want to marry the baker's daughter. Like most of my Dad's advice, I didn't listen to him. But, I ended up with the next best thing - my brother is good friends with the family behind Flour Power Desserts.

And how is this good for me? On a couple of occasions, last night being the most recent, he arrives home with some gourmet bakery treat. The above photo just doesn't do these delicious butterscotch cookies justice. For one thing, they came neatly wrapped. And while I had every intention of photographing them before tearing into them, that just didn't happen. They were too irresistible.

My brother has told me a bit about Flour Power Desserts, and I'm really impressed. In a world where everything is mass produced, they're all about customization. And it's not just the look of the desserts, but also the ingredients. They use all Kosher ingredients, and will customize for any particular allergy requirements you might have.

Hmmmm, it's just like custom software development, only a whole lot tastier!

Note to my brother David: whatever you do, don't blow this for me! You will hold onto these friends at all costs...


  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Wow Dave must rate to get some samples. I don't even get samples. I guess that's what happens when you're her mom!!

    Nice blog

    Judy aka Grannie

  2. :-)

    Tell me about it, Dave's got a great gig! Like I said, he better not blow it...