Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama - Pro OLPC?

Check out a snippit of Obama's education policy speech:

Imagine a future where our children are more motivated because they aren’t just learning on blackboards but on new whiteboards with digital touch screens; where every student in a classroom has a laptop at their desk; where they don’t just do book reports but design PowerPoint presentations; where they don’t just write papers but build websites; where research isn’t done just by taking a book out of the library but by emailing experts in the field; and where teachers are less a source of knowledge than a coach for how best to use it. By fostering innovation, we can help make sure every school in America is a school of the future.

He gets points for recommending the OLPC approach. He loses points for recommending kids do PowerPoint Presentations. Overall, I like his suggestions. Read the entire transcript here, including his education plan (hosted by scribd.com, no less).

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