Friday, September 05, 2008

More Than A Money Maker

The other day, this link came flying by on my Twitter stream. The thought: if you want to make a few bucks online, you can write up HOWTOs for

That seemed like an interesting thing to pass on to folks in my blog. After all, making a few bucks online is always a good time (Shira loves selling on eBay - she'd sell me on eBay if shipping wasn't so dang expensive!). But, thinking about it a bit more, I think that writing for eHow is actually more useful than just a money maker. It actually seems like a place which could be a reputation maker - and that's way more valuable.

If you've got gobs to say and a little tech savvy, then by all means, become a blogger (it's actually really easy!). But let's say you don't have tons to say, or you don't have a lot of tech savvy. A place like eHow lets you share your knowledge with others in an easy format (who doesn't love straight forward step-by-step instructions?), and build up a little library of what you've contributed.

For example, I've never met Hank, but I get the sense that he knows a heck of a lot. If he was in the business of building decks, (which he isn't), and he sent me to his profile, I know I'd be impressed.

eHow not only gives you the tools to publish, they'll provide you with an audience (people searching eHow) and even a bit of cash back to you for your effort. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Of course, eHow isn't your only option for doing this sort of thing - Squidoo lets you do more or less the same thing, and your pages can be more sophisticated. Heck, one of my customers just launched BizBrag with the express purpose of giving folks a place where they can talk about their businesses, thereby building a reputation.

If you don't have a lot of cash, but think you should be online - starting with a site like eHow may be just the ticket.

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