Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Comics As Technical Reference

By now you know that Google launched Google Chrome, their very own web browser. And the documentation is provided in an oh-so-clever comic book form. Not only that, but the comic was created by the comic guru, Scott McCloud.

This was brilliant on a variety of levels...

  • What a great way to say that this browser is new and different - even the documentation is provided in a way that's unexpected.
  • Using comics, and Scott McCloud's skills in particular, you should be able to get across complex topics in a readable way. To have the debate about threads vs. processes, or to talk about address spaces, in a way that's interesting, is remarkable.

As I mentioned earlier, being successful is all about innovation. And as this move from Google shows, that goes beyond just the software itself into things like (normally boring) documentation. There's always an opportunity to innovate.

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