Friday, September 19, 2008

Rimuhosting: More Amazing Support

So, at 2:38am this morning I realize that the new server I'm setting up has version MySQL 5.0.22 instead of 5.0.51. So, I dash off an e-mail to my friends at Rimhosting, the provider of the server, asking if they can help me upgrade it. They've got all these RPMs and such, and I figured they might have an easier way to do it than my brute force approach.

At 2:53am, they respond and say they would be glad to help - for free. Keep in mind, this is a $20.00/mo server - not some incredibly fancy hosting/support plan.

The only problem is, by now I've gone ahead and removed MySQL altogether, installed it myself and now the problem is, it won't start. I've officially made the problem worse.

I send them off an e-mail at 3:11am saying I've broken things and I'm going to bed.

I get up this morning and find a message in my inbox saying that it's all fixed.

This is absolutely amazing - think about it. I've got root access to the box, I've personally made things worse, and they are going to come along and troubleshoot and fix it for me for free. And do this is record breaking time?

These Guys Rock. If you need Unix hosting, you simply have to give them a try.

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