Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dentist Appointment

Today I had a dentist appointment. And what made it most remarkable was how unremarkable it was.

Usually my dentist appointments are long, involved sagas. My core beliefs and fundamental motor skills are questions. I'm usually asked to pass certain tests - ranging from how do you floss, to recite every medication you have ever been, or will be on.

But not this time. This time my teeth just got cleaned. I was not intergation about how often I brush, or why I won't buy the latest XSP-3000 atomic toothbrush, only sold by my dentist, of course. I wasn't even told I had to come back in 3 months, instead of 6 (the ultimate insult, as it says that 99% of the population cannot destroy their teeth in 4 months, but you can).

They even found something wrong - one of my fillings has some decay around it and needs to be replaced by a crown. But I only picked up that much because the hygenist mumbled something a bit too loud so I could hear this bit of news.

While this whole guilt free, pain free, rather enjoyable experience was nice....I kinda miss my usual adventures. I kinda feel short changed. All I got was a cleaning, when I usually get a cleaning and a story.


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