Friday, January 20, 2006

Rose of the Month

One of my favorite marketing gimmicks at Harris Teeter is their Rose of the Month program. The program works as follows: every month a 1/2 dozen roses of one particular kind are put on sale for $5-6.00.

What I like about this is...

1. No excuse for not picking up flowers for the wife at least once a month.

2. You don't have to worry about choosing or duplicating flowers, Harris Teeter does all the work.

3. It's pretty dang cheap, especially compared to flower delivery.

4. 1/2 dozen roses turns out to be a good number. In general they all start off small and closed, and over a few days blossom into a nice collection of flowers.

I've found that taking care of them is pretty easy - use the provided flower food, and trim the stems before putting into water. I also like to regularly add water to the vase as it's sucked up - but I'm not sure that's the official thing to do (versus changing the water).

So, impress your signifcant other - and buy her roses. Buy them often and show that you don't only care on her birthday and days Halmark tells you to.


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