Thursday, January 12, 2006

Favorite pastime

This is a quick snapshot taken in front of a local hotel, while waiting for a friend to appear.

While this represents the perfect moment for me to pull out my sidekick and read bloglines, check my e-mail or blog, it means something totally different for Shira. It's time to practice one of her favorite activities: people watching.

That's right, she'll just sit there and watch as random people come and go. This is fun for her (and others, I hear). I guess it's the whole notion of being able to make up a story (he's running late to a meeting, and his wife is out of town and didn't dress him, and he just broke up with his girl friend which explains the grim look, ...) to match the person.

Little know people watching tip: Want to find a great place to people watch? Try a marathon! You stand there and hundreds of people stream by - all with their own unique story.

Me, I'd rather be blogging. I wonder what my wife would say about me if she saw me typing away at my sidekick?


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