Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Supermarket Observations

(1) They promise us that one day micro-chips will be everywhere. Well, I've seen no better example of this than the shopping cart I just used at Harris Teeter. It contains a wheel, that if pushed over the perimeter of the store, automaticaly locks up, rendering the cart useless.

This caused me to have the following thoughts:

(A) Is this an RFID trick? I need to learn more about this technology to see if I can use a similar solution to avoid forgetting my charger at home or work. Maybe I get an electric shock if I leave the building without my charger.

(B) Yikes, how much money must Harris Teeter lose on lost (stolen?) carts that justifies this expense.

(C) I wonder if I could steel one to try it out.

(2) While checking out, we had two different types of Morning Star Farm items (yummy stuff, by the way). The sale was buy one get one free - but what wasn't clear was that they had to be the exact same item.

So, the cashier rung us up, and of course the second one wasn't free.

What did the store manager do, without even waiting for us to ask? She instructed the cashier to give us the price we wanted by double scanning one item, and not scanning the second item. She made the cashier work a bit harder, and appologized for the unclear sale.

She didn't have to do this. She could have seen if we would have even noticed, or simply explained to us how the sale worked. But instead, she put us first - ahead of her inventory system, the convenience of the cashier, and even The Rules.

Give this woman a raise and a job training other managers to do the same.


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