Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Local: Upcoming Arlington, VA Torah Weekend

Below is an article I wrote up for an upcoming event at my shul. It's for the dedication of a Torah, and features a very well known scribe.

If you are in the area on February 5th, from 10:15am - 12:30pm, you should stop by Etz Hayim and join us for the event. It should prove to be a really interesting and fun time.


Join us for a weekend of fun and learning as CEH celebrates Torah Weekend on February 4-5. We will welcome back to our congregation a newly repaired Torah, accompanied by the world-renowned sofer (scribe), Rabbi Menachem Youlus, who painstakingly returned it to kosher status.

The weekend’s events begin Saturday morning at Shabbat services. During services, we will use the new Etz Hayim Chumash for the first time. These Chumashim have a more modern translation and additional commentary, which is sure to enhance your Torah service experience. Finally, the latest of our new Torah covers will be unveiled, and all of them will be dedicated in a special ceremony.

On Sunday, at 10:15am, following our morning minyan, we will start a very special adult education event. Rabbi Youlus will first discuss his experiences going around the world saving and repairing Torahs. His adventures often involve exotic locations, shady characters and plenty of danger. Following this, at 11:30am, we will have a unique family oriented program. During this program, Rabbi Youlus will explain the job of a sofer, introduce you to the intricacies of the Torah, and let you watch as he makes the final corrections to the repaired Torah, so it is 100% kosher.

Getting to meet Rabbi Youlus is something you won’t want to miss. For the past 15 years, his work in finding, rescuing, and repairing Torahs has resulted in over 400 scrolls being saved. Many of these scrolls come from communities decimated during the Holocaust. Rabbi Youlus is also co-owner of The Jewish Bookstore of Greater Washington, found in Wheaton, Maryland.

The Torah repair and Chumashim were generously made possible from the newly designated Col. Denis and Henrietta Cooper Memorial Torah Fund.

Come celebrate and connect with our most precious gift, the Torah.

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