Monday, January 02, 2006

Independence Air - Going out of business

Independence Air - Out of Buisness

Well, I guess it was just too good to last - Independence Air is going out of business.Yes, they were cheap, but I liked them for more than that.

First, they took a lightweight approach to air travel. The planes were small, easily interchangable, and relied on lots of individual flights versus one or two big flights during the day.

Next, they knew what was worth making light of, and what wasn't. They had comedians doing the saftey announcements, yet they really seemed to care about making you a happy customer. They knew that giving you the can of coke, or an extra bag of peanuts went a long way. Understanding these small nuiances is what made a flight on Independence Air signficantly more fun than being on say, United.

Finally, they figured out what their customers wanted, and gave it to them. People don't want to lose their luggage -- fine, they guaranteed it. People wanted frequent, cheap flights, and that's what they got.

Oh well, they will indeed be missed. Though this opens the door for someone to learn their lessons and succeed even better. There's no doubt that the market wants what they were selling.

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  1. I flew on Indy Air for the first time in December, and have to say I was impressed. Sorry to see them go.