Sunday, January 22, 2006


My posts with images seem to be failing. I wonder if same can be said of text only messages?

Update: Sure enough, e-mail with attachments is failing, but plain old text e-mail works fine. I'm actually on with T-mobile at the moment.

The only nice thing calling T-mobile is that they have specialists who only deal with sidekicks. Which means that they don't blame every problem you have on lack of T-zones or SMS.

Update: They still haven't fixed my issue. Though, I have a trouble ticket, and level 3 support are working on it. I know that I was talking to level 3 support because the tech answered "Hello?", instead of "Level 3 Support, How can I help you today?" In general, I could pretty much tell I was talking to some geek who didn't want to hear from some annoying end user.

So for now, posts are queuing up on my sidekick, and I'll have to blog just plain old text.

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