Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bank Of America: Surpassing Expectations

I finally got around to stopping by Bank Of America to talk to them
about some charges that I was hoping they would waive me.

See, when we signed up for a business account we were told we'd get two years without any fees. There was only one catch: you had to go back to the bank to get the second year's fees waived.

So, I walked into the bank, without any documentation whatsoever of this
agreement. I just hoped for the best.

Here's what happened....

  1. The quick info desk guy genuinly tried to solve my problem, and only when he couldn't did he make we wait in a queue.
  2. The person who helped me with the problem ended up finding me a way to waive all my fees on the accout, for *life*.
  3. The person helping me refunded the $24.00 in fees without me asking if she would do so.

Overall, I'm really impressed. I love online banking, but it's good to know the person-to-person form can be just as useful.

Oh, and I got a lollipop out of the deal. Who could ask for more?


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