Monday, December 11, 2006

Blog Redesign Notes

Now that I've switched over to the Blogger Beta, it's time to think of a redesign for the blog. Not only do I need this to take advantage of some of the features of the latest version of blogger, but just because I'm hopelessly in need a of a fresh look.

Of course I don't have time to work on the redesign, but I do have time to jot down notes. Which is what I've done.

I plan to keep adding/tweaking my redesign notes writeboard until I have things settled enough to actually work on it.

I haven't used writeboard in a while. I was pleasantly surprised to find the site still there and still looking impressive. If you haven't checked it out, give it a peek.

1 comment:

  1. I start my switch over to beta last night, and so far so good.... I like the new layout manager and the labels feature is real nice.... I just wish the "blogthis" bookmarklet still worked.