Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hot Dog Cook-In

First, a bit of context: one of Shira's favorite foods are hot dogs. When Shira and I make Thanksgiving dinner for ourselves, we make hot dogs. Yes, we like them that much.

So, imagine our joy and delight when Perry gave us Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roller Grill! For most people this would be a novelty gift, for us, it's a new critical kitchen appliance.

As everyone knows, you can't receive an Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roller Grill without busting it out and making some dogs. So that's exactly what we did. We had a cook-in, right there on our living room floor! See:

In fact, you can see photos from the entire event here.

And here's the best part -- the hot dogs cooked by this sucker came out perfect! They really did taste good. So, if you do decide to give someone this device, you'll be comfortable knowing your gift will actually work.


  1. Ben, you don't put ketchup on your hot dog right? I mean, you wouldn't ruin 5000 years of beautiful Chicago style history by doing that...would you?

  2. Never! Yellow mustard and pickles only.

    My wife, on the other hand, has been known to get a little crazy and add ketchup.

    You'll still respect her, right?