Friday, December 15, 2006

XM Channel 108: Radio Hanukkah

XM radio is offering a twist on the usual holiday radio channel. Along with a slew of Christmas channels they are offering Radio Hanukkah.

Radio Hanukkah - XM 108, is XM's first-ever channel dedicated exclusively to Jewish culture. Airing for the duration of the Festival of Lights from December 15 to December 23, Radio Hanukkah features the best in Jewish music, comedy, Broadway, talk and kids programming.

If you act today, you can even listen to the programming if you aren't a member of XM. Just sign up for their free promotion. Even the promotion has a holiday twist to it:

The normal free trial of XM Radio Online lasts only 3 days, but miraculously we have been able to extend it to cover all eight days of Radio Hanukkah.
Here's a hint for those who've forgotten the special promo code. It is the title of a famous Chaim Potok book about two friends Danny and Reuven. Take the two-word title of the book and enter it as one word as the special Radio Hanukkah promo code.

(For those not in the know: Hanukkah celebrates the miracle that a small crucible of oil lasted for 8 days instead of 1.)

I'm impressed with the job they've done here. The attention to detail, like suggesting that complaints be sent to, shows that someone actually put some thought into this. I only wish I could have mentioned the site sooner.

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