Monday, December 04, 2006

Restaurant Review: Saran Vegetarian Indian Cuisine

Shira and I learned about Saran Vegetarian Indian restaurant (5157 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA) last night, and as one of her birthday dinners, decided to try it.

It's 100% vegetarian menu, which means I can (and will!) eat everything on the menu. This is always a big treat for me.

The menu selection was large, offering Northern and Southern style dishes. I can't remember the last time Shira and I were at an Indian restaurant and saw something we'd never heard of. Well, tonight was different - we both got to try something new, with more things to try in the future.

The dining experience itself might be considered a little rough around the edges. There's nothing like being served room temperature tap water to get things off to a poor start. But I'd like to write aspects like this off as part of the local charm of the place.

Overall I'm quite pleased with this find. The big menu and better location than other all veggie places makes it a hit in my book. The fact that their starter menu contains more deep fried yummyness than a burger joint doesn't hurt matters either.

I give them an 7.9/10.


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