Sunday, December 10, 2006

Review: Max's Kosher Cafe

After a marathon eating out fest for Shira's birthday (3 Thai restaurants in 4 days!), she decided to give me a treat and take me to a place she knew I would love.

For lunch today we hit Max's Kosher Cafe (2319 University Blvd, Wheaton, MD 20902). We had your typical kosher food: matza ball soup, a knish and schwarma. The schwarma, which is essentially a gyros, was terrific. It was served in the traditional manner: a bit of lamb, gobs of veggies and sauce all overflowing in a pita.

It's what I imagine a Nick Tahou Garbage Plate would look like in pita form.

Shira earned big points for this surprise culinary adventure.

The restaurant itself was good for what it tries to be: an every day eat'n kosher establishment. I give it a 9/10, though that's mostly because there's almost nothing else to compare it to.

If you keep kosher, or want to try a traditional Israeli meal, this is a must eat-at location.


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