Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Uncle Mark's Gift Guide

Browsing through Cool Tools again tonight I came across Kevin's recommendation of the Uncle Mark's Gift Guide.

What a cool document! The guide is split into two parts: gift suggestions and an almanac.

The gift suggestions are nice because they cut right to the chase - want to buy a digital camera, buy a Canon Powershot SD 30. Want to buy an mp3 player? Get an iPod. He gets more creative than that, and goes as far as suggesting you buy the gift of an empty e-mail inbox for someone. While these direct recommendations won't appeal to geeks, they'll be immensely helpful for the non-techie who wants to buy that special gift.

Then he includes an almanac...which is just what you'd expect an almanac to be: random tidbits of information. He covers topics from how to run a meeting, and an ideal umbrella strategy to how to walk through New York City. It's a pleasant read, and you may just learn something.

As documents go this is a must read, just to be reminded that all documents don't have to follow the same format, style and approach.

What other gift guides should I be reading?

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