Tuesday, December 26, 2006

MP3 Player Update

I mentioned that I was going to upgrade my mp3 player (another $9.99 model). It turns out, the new model (now called the Power Up! Digital mp3 player) is pretty much the same as the old model, with a few minor differences.

As you can see, the form factor is exactly the same:

There's been a slight change (I'm not sure I can call it an improvement) in the firmware of the device, so the menus look a bit different. Also, the translation of the manual has changed. Not improved, just changed. Check out this gem from page 27:

General MP3 customer will suffer "the data divulges a secret" of harassment, don't wish to let own personal data seen by other people, be afraid using hour only have to delete first. Result in very the hemp is vexed.

From today, the encrypted the dish function will resolve this problem thoroughly

I so hate it when my hemp gets vexed.

Even though the manual is absolute gibberish, the controls are plasticky, and the headphones actually made the sound quality significantly worse - I still recommend the device, if you can get it for $9.99. It'll serve as a thumb drive, voice recorder, and mp3 player. All useful things. And you won't feel bad when it breaks in a year or two.

Now that I've got a new device, what am I filling it up with? Here are some of the first items to go on it:


  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Did yours come with a disk/cdrom?
    I can't remember if mine did and I can't seem to delete anything off of it....I was trying to reload some audiobooks on to it and it says write protected... I don't understand....

  2. I'm not sure about the disk/cdrom question. It may have come with one, but I didn't need it.

    As for the "can't delete issue" - that's an easy one, I think.

    Make sure the switch that says:
    < hold
    is set to the far right.

    When the player has "hold" set, you can't use the buttons and the player goes into read-only mode.

    Does that help?