Tuesday, December 19, 2006

PMA Tips - The Happiness Project

Parent Hacks pointed me to this really interesting experiment that Gretchen Rubin is carrying out. She's spending a year researching, and blogging about tips, theories, suggestions and ideas for how to be happy.

It's like getting a big dose of PMA from a Professional.

She covers topics from why you should smile more to suggestions for defusing a child's tantrum. Ever Wednesday is tip day, so there's some to check back for every week.

This is all part of a book project, and no doubt serves as a way to test her material out before committing it to print. In the end though, it's probably a win-win, as she'll have better material, and I'll have goodies to blog.

Pardon me, I'm off to go read about packing tips she learned the hard way, and then after that I might read up on Ben Franklin's suggestions for living a virtuous life.

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