Monday, December 11, 2006

Januine Creations - Blogger as lightweight e-commerce platform

Check out: Januine Creations. It's an example of using blogger to host a tiny e-commerce site (hey, if you can use blogger for hosting a novel, why can't you use it for e-commerce?).

Januine has a few things done well:

  • Frequent posts give people an idea of the inventory and how fresh the site is
  • The shoutbox give people a way to leave feedback/testimonials on the site.
  • The copy serves to connect with and explain the offer

It's creative stuff. The only thing I'd do is touch up the copy a bit - wording like:

NOTICE: Customers are not allow to ask about the material used. Januine Creations guarantee you that we use good quality materials.

Just doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. And the layout of the site could use some work too. But overall, the idea is a good one.

Lookout Zappos, Januine is coming for you!

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