Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Artist Of The Day: Jill Johnson

Tell me you're not just a little bit curious what a Swedish country music star (as in Nashville, not the country of Sweden) sounds like. Well, if you are, you should check out Jill Johnson.

I'm totally not making this up. Thanks to one of my favorite country music stations, I heard this somewhat odd song, and it triggered a search on YouTube to investigate. And I found Ms. Johnson.

Here's a selection of her work from YouTube. Say what you want about some of her music, she certainly has quite a range. Though I put this more in the can't-turn-away-from-this-train-wreck type of video than high quality country music.

Perhaps not quite as impressive as Dolly Parton, here she is singing Jolene:

And here she is belting out Angel Of The Morning. If nothing else you have to watch the Swedish intro.

Could this be a Swidish country music song. Maybe? My guess is it's about pickup trucks and beer.

See, she really does sing country music:

Now this video here really pushes the envelope. Talk about advanced technology, nothing like integrating low quality computer graphics and country music. We need more of this. A lot more.

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