Wednesday, April 02, 2008 - A Program Arlington Got Right

I've been noticing ads for the Car Free Diet on Arlington buses, and they finally piqued my interest tonight to check out the program's website. I have to say, I'm quite impressed with the campaign they have put together.

Here's what they got right:

  • The bus campaign is, I think, quite cute and clever. It's the whole go green concept, but centered around dieting. The buses have proud individuals bragging about the powerful effects of the diet. Consider: "I lost 2,000 pounds the first day," or "Eat Anything You Want (it's not that kind of diet)." They could have gone bland here, and they didn't.
  • The site's URL is catchy - They didn't make it some monstrosity like
  • The site itself is quite clean and offers some useful interactivity like a calculator, transportation options and a challenge. The site won't win any design awards - but it gets the point across and hopefully didn't cost a fortune to build.
  • They leverage a typepad blog to provide for regular updates to the site and a place to easily publish user stories. Again, this had to be an economical way to go - and one that's effective.
  • They link off to other resources - such as books and YouTube

Like I said, I'm impressed Arlington pulled this off so well. I also think it's a great example of executing a concept on the web in a clean and efficient (and maybe cost effective too?) manner.

Here's a clip about the program:

Me, I'm so inspired I've decided I'm no longer driving to work. Heck, I may just skip the commute and work from bed.

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