Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Passover Notes 2008 - While they're still fresh in my head...

So, last year, I was a little late in posting my 2007 Passover notes for myself to read. Here's what I want to take away from 2008.

So here goes - remember - this is mostly a note to my 2009 self:

  • Spices - Ben, it's time. It's time expand your Passover spice collection beyond salt, paprika and cinnamon. So, please, make sure you buy some before next year.
  • Don't over complicate the whole matzo Seder plate thing - it's very simple. Despite what you remember from growing up, you don't cover the Seder plate. Just take a plate, put 3 pieces of matzo on it, and cover it. Boom. Done. No need to get fancier than that. Oh, and when you break the middle matzo, make sure you make the bigger piece of the afikoman. For some great reasons why we do this, check out this page.
  • Manischewitz ruffled potato chips were good this year - you probably still only need to buy a single bag worth, but still, they were tasty.
  • Splurge - buy an extra container of herring in wine sauce. Yes, Shira will make a gagging sound when you eat it, get over it. It's tasty stuff and goes well on matzo.
  • You like vanilla yogurt - not plain yogurt. Try to remember this *before* you buy the big tub of the stuff, OK?
  • The International, Glatt Kosher, Hot & Spicy, Beef Frankfurters were actually quite tasty (and spicy, yum!). When looking for hot dogs for the week of Passover, these are a good choice. Don't forget to buy the sauerkraut and chicken-flavored mashed potatoes so you can make Hot Dog Surprise.

Hope your Passover is going well!

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