Monday, April 28, 2008

A Birthday Lunch

Warning - I've posted this message from my cell phone too, though it never came through. So, sorry in advance for the double post if it comes in and I don't see it.

What a fantastic birthday lunch. Shira arranged to have a bunch of folks get me away from the computer and into society for the day. On the down side, I had to wear something other than PJs. But on the upside, I got to interact with real live people. And eat good food. And get birthday wishes.

Thanks Guys!


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    What a great day to randomly view your blog. Happy Birthday!

  2. Anonymous12:09 AM

    At first I thought it was just something on my monitor, but then I took another look and scrolled up and down. If you look at your ear lobe, there's a twinkle and it looks like you have an earring. That was going to be my morning conversation with your wife, "When did Ben get an earring?"

    Sorry - randomness....


  3. Leah - that's all part of my midlife crisi.

    First I quit my job. Then I got an earing.

    And next up is the red sports car...