Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Brother, The Doctor

A ginourmous mazel tov to my brother David on the defense of his Ph.D.! It's official, I'm now the non-Dr. of the family.

As he put it, this isn't only the completion of years of research and study - but the completion of 29 years of school. Yikes!

Somehow, I just think this joke is just perfect:

The first Jewish president was just elected.

He calls his mother, and tells her that he was elected president of the Unites States.

Her reply was "so".

He tells her that she will have to attend his inauguration.

She tells him I don't have a thing to wear. Don't worry I'll get you a dress.

How will I get there? I will send a limousine for you.

At the inauguration, she was sitting amongst all the dignitaries, as he is being sworn in.

She tells everyone around her, in a loud voice. See that fellow up there being sworn in.

His brother is a Doctor.

Dave, we couldn't be more proud!

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