Friday, April 11, 2008

Passover Notes - What was I thinking?

Back in 2006 I left my 2007 self a handy note as to tips for Passover. I had intended to do the same last year, but never got beyond a rough set of bullets. Here, in fact, is the list I left myself from last year (comments in italics):

- kids hagadah -- Buy some, I guess?
- unpack, then shop -- Now this is sagely advice
- cream cheese and matza -- Is good? Yes, now I remember - is good.
- herring in wine sauce -- Same here
- first night, can fiddle with the times -- Don't know how, better ask Rabbi
- non-jews at a seder -- And this relates to?
- potato chips for day before the first seder  -- Good to know
- maneschweitz yellow cake and carrot cake, very good -- Also good to know
- 3 boxes of Matzo -- Super, I won't buy the 12 pack
- herring good, lox too 
- cream cheese and matzo - very good -- So good, it's on the list twice!
- marshmallows were not good this year -- Well, ya win some, lose some
- whole wheat matzo was good 
- a sealed, year old box of matzo, will still taste good -- Sweet!

I was hoping this list would be useful for the Kosher Mart trip we have planned tomorrow. Perhaps it may be - at least I'll know to pick up some cream cheese!

What Passover tips do you have to share?

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