Monday, April 28, 2008

Verizon - to complain or not complain?

Last night, after Passover, I went to go online and check my e-mail. No
dice, our Fios was down. So I called tech support. After 20 minutes on
hold, a nice rep helped me debug the problem.

After running a test or two, he finally asked me to pick up one of my
landline handsets. Sure enough, it was totally dead.

So, not only was internet down, but so was our home phone.

And when can they come out and fix it? Tuesday morning, at the
earliest. You have to be kidding me, right? No phone or internet for
36 hours, yikes!

The rep told me to call back this morning, and see if they can squeeze
me in sooner, which I'll do.

I'm actually trying to make the most of this situation. With no
internet, that means no distractions. My plan is to stay in my cone of
silence until 9am this morning, when the main library opens. Then I'll
do the e-mail and put out fires thing there. Until then, it's just
quiet programming time, with no YouTube or CNN politics ticker to get in
the way.

I'm also getting a renewed appreciation for my sidekick. I've been able
to respond to mail fairly easily on it, access the gmail mobile version
to look at archived messages (and even view text only PDF docs) and last
night I used the ssh client to fix a server issue for a client.

Who knows, perhaps this no internet thing for a few hours in the morning
is a good thing?


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