Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Need your lawn cut in Arlington? Have I got a guy for you...

Update: You really need to read my latest update on Ray. I'm definitely not saying you shouldn't do business with the guy, I'd just make sure you ask him why he stopped calling me back and be sure you are satisfied with the answer.

Live in the Northern VA area and need your lawn cut? You should consider having Ray Payton, of Payton Lawn Services do it for you. I've started using his lawn service to cut my grass - and today was my first appointment.

I have to say - I was impressed. Ray was knowledgeable, efficient, and did a great job. Best of all, he was easily reachable via e-mail - which was really convenient.

Part of me will definitely miss the challenge of fighting it out with my lawn - but the rest of me will be happy that the job can get done, while I'm busy hacking away.


  1. Wow, look at Ben, movin' on up!

    I'm actually facing the opposite scenario, now. We've been using lawn services for the past 8 years or so, but I'm actually strongly considering buying a mower and doing it myself, this year.

    We're finally starting to realize that we're not rich, and we need to start living more within our means.

    Plus, my son will turn 9 years old in a couple months. So, I'll be able to start letting[/making?] him mow the lawn.

    Even if I start giving him a more consistent allowance, I think he'll be cheaper than any lawn guy we've ever had. :)

  2. We'll see how long I stay moved up :-). Shira's watching the budget, and this little plan of mine could be yanked at any time.

    I keep trying to tell her - but Honey, wouldn't you rather I spent time with you when I'm free, rather than work on the lawn?.

    Yeah, no way that will work.

    I'll probably be back to mowing my lawn in no time ;-). But for now, yeah, I'm living it up!